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Shrub Trimming


Shrub Trimming

Best way to maintain your bush in healthy condition is by pruning the shrubs because it removes branches that are dead, dying or diseased and makes room for new growth. Pruning can also be performed to live, healthy plant tissue to reduce size or form the structure of the plant.  Yardudes will show and teach the each customers each technique of how to prune each plants. 

Shrub Trimming

Why is trimming bushes important?

Regular pruning discourages pests and diseases especially in shrubs because it keeps the plant interior open to light and air movement. And in the case of mature shade trees, pruning can prevent injuries or property damage caused by dead branches falling.

Bush trimming helps plant to grow faster and stronger.  

incognito-man-cutting-overgrown-bushes (1).jpg

We Provide Shrub Trimming Services for…

HOAs – Offices & Office Parks – Apartments – Townhouses
Retail Centers – Schools – Daycare Centers – Churches – Residential

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