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Landscape Design

Commercial and Residential Landscape Design

Landscape Solutions creates picture-perfect landscape designs for residential or commercial properties. Our custom plans are designed to accommodate your property, budget, and timeline. Each design is created based upon your specific needs. Landscape designs include patios, walkways, garden designs, outdoor living spaces, and water features, and more.


Landscape Design Plans

Our landscape designers work closely with you to discuss your needs and desired results. We address any problems and issues you may have with your existing landscaping. Together we will review design considerations such as what features will be included, and their placement.

We work with you to determine a landscaping style to complement your lifestyle, your home, and other existing features on the property. Factors like topography, microclimate, surrounding infrastructure, and existing plants are considered.

A complete landscape design plan is then created that recommends location and materials for hardscapes, outdoor living features, and all plant materials.

Custom Landscape Design Plan

When it comes to designing your property, it is essential that every factor that might influence the final result be considered. Creating a landscape design plan customized for your property is not just writing down notes and lines on a note book; our design plan is a blueprint for beautiful and sustainable results.

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Our Design Team

Our design team understands the importance of the design phase in your landscaping plan. We analyze every aspect of your property and make suggestions and recommendations based on your desired result. A designer will work closely with you to arrive at a plan that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Design Solutions

We share a real passion for excellent work, and we’re dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. We provide landscape design solutions that will turn your property into an outdoor space you will love coming home to. Our award-winning landscape designs can be seen all over the Northern New Jersey area.

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We Provide landscape Designing Services for…

HOAs – Offices & Office Parks – Apartments – Townhouses
Retail Centers – Schools – Daycare Centers – Churches – Residential

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